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Time To Updated
Finally, new things to do with Twitter logo!

Doge Blue is the first project to propose the best logo for Twitter.

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Logo Design by a decentralized community.

Why Doge Blue?

The current Dogecoin logo is not bad in any way, but it doesn't quite fit the style of Twitter's design. We need a meme logo that is more universal, that would look great on our laptops, on our mobile phones, and everywhere else. Doge Blue is building a decentralized community of designers that are rewarded for their creativity. We believe in the potential of all designers and want to encourage them to show their best work through our contests.

Dogeblue - Dog Blue Coin
Dog Blue AI Logo

Logo Artists DAO

Doge Blue is a community-driven project and with your help, we will choose the best logo! The designer with the most votes will be rewarded with a huge amount of DOGEBLUE tokens. All token holders will have the opportunity to vote in this contest, they can vote for their favorite designs and get DOGEBLUE tokens as rewards.

NFT Ecosystem

Opensea NFT Ecosystem

All Logo designs will be listed on the Opensea NFT marketplace, and 100% of NFT profits will be used to buy back and burn DOGEBLUE tokens for holders. Be among the first artists on an ever-growing platform that is redefining what it means to be a digital asset artist.

Mining DAPP

Passive Income

Doge Blue is creating a new way of investing and getting passive income. The contract is well-designed for generating passive income by auto-reflection for each buy/sell transaction in real time. We will also launch mining dApp to reward our loyal diamond hands.

Burn Mechanism

Burn Mechanism

Burn Mechanism is an important feature. The contract is well-designed for auto buyback and burns DOGEBLUE LP tokens for each transaction automatically. This promises a steady increase in the token price in long run.

Time to update Twitter Logo
Dogeblue - Doge Blue Logo

Do I Get?!



Join us for airdrop and earn DOGEBLUE tokens. We are looking for real supporters to join our airdrop, who can contribute to the community by getting more visibility and people interested in our project.

Pinksale logo

PinkSale Presale

The presale is a limited opportunity to buy DOGEBLUE tokens at a discounted price.

Dogeblue Logo

You can buy DOGEBLUE tokens on this website (click the right-bottom button). Just simply connect your wallet and enter your desired amount to buy DOGEBLUEπŸ’Ž. Super easy.


You can buy DOGEBLUE tokens on Pancakeswap. You are free to buy like a bird!



Stage 1

- SAFU Token Launchβœ…
- Website Launchβœ…
- Tokenomics Designβœ…
- Whitepaper Launchβœ…
- Social Media Platformsβœ…

Stage 2

- SAFU Certificateβœ…
- Contract Auditβœ…
- Team KYCβœ…
- Presale Marketingβœ…
- Airdrop Campaignβœ…
- Contestβœ…
- Pinksale Fairlaunchβœ…

Stage 3

- Pancakeswap Launchβœ…
- Post Launch Marketingβœ…
- CG listingβœ…
- CMC listingβœ…
- Dextools trendingβœ…
- Mining dAppβœ…

Stage 4

- CEX Listingβœ…
- Certik Audit
- Logo Contest⏳
- Create NFT collection⏳
- Brand Marketingβœ…
- 10000 Holders

Stage 5

- Elon Musk Awareness
- 50000 holders
- Top Tier CEX listing
- Top 500 in CMC

As the official token for Doge Blue, $DOGEBLUE tokens enable users to reward the best Twitter Logo Designer by contest.

Dogeblue - Doge Blue Logo



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Doge Blue: Read the whitepaper

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Thank you to revamp my Twitter logo.

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